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At GrOwnValve we are saving lives
through innovation

Every year 1.35m babies wordwide are born with a congenital heart defect. 400,000 of them suffer from a heart valve defect but currently there is no durable valve replacement available on the market. We are planning to meet that clinical demand with a completely new prosthetic valve for adults and children which is implanted using a low-risk transcatheter technique. Our valve is made from patient-donated (endogenous) tissue, giving it a life-long durability: a once-in-a-lifetime solution that is affordable for both patients and healthcare providers worldwide.

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GrOwnValve is a pre-clinical stage medical device company, developing a unique heart valve prosthesis system. Our AdultValve and ChildValve are made from the patients‘ own tissue and, including a bioresorbable anchoring device, will be available as part of a procedure pack that enables a safe, affordable and easy-to-use minimally invasive heart valve replacement.

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Our main goal is to offer a lifelong cure to patients worldwide who have heart valve defects. Our innovation eliminates the need for patients to undergo repetative heart valve replacement surgery and to accept medication throughout their whole lives.

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